The New Kind of Breakfast Cereal

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( We’ve been advocating healthy breakfast choices for many years.  Our Go UnDiet Breakfast Cereal Database published 2 years ago really helped our users compare products and brands, and realized that many cereal choices are way too processed. 

A New Kind of Breakfast Cereal

Don’t give up on breakfast cereals yet. Processed, crunchy flakes are not the only cereal options anymore.  How about some excitingly wholesome cereals which actually show you the real grains and ingredients?

Holy Crap by HapiFoods

I came across Holy Crap breakfast cereal at the recent Canadian Health Food Association conference held in Vancouver. You won’t find crunchy flakes made from processed flour in this bag.  You’ll get what you actually see on the ingredient list; chia, hemp hearts, buckwheat and some dried fruits.  Really.  That’s it.  All organic, non-GMO, no artificial flavorings or colorings.

Qi’a Superfood by Nature’s Path

My editor actually came across this new cereal at the recent Grocery Showcase West tradeshow. The Qia line takes on a similar approach as Holy Crap: wholesome, simple ingredients with chia, buckwheat, and hemp. Unfortunately the product line is not available commercially yet, so we haven’t tried it out.

Great Grains by Post

If you still crave for the traditionally crunchy flake-like breakfast cereal but would prefer less processing, you may want to give Great Grains a try. Ever watch their Curtis Stone commercial?



I looked thru the ingredients of Great Grains. I must say, it may be less processed, but it is still long! I can still find sugar, corn syrup, natural flavor, vegetable oil etc.  Shredded Wheat by the same company Post actually has a more simple ingredient list, with just one ingredient!

The Bottom Line

As you’re looking for less-processed breakfast options, don’t forget there’re still plenty of choices. Old-fashioned oatmeal, fresh bread, eggs, fresh fruit, nuts & seeds, homemade smoothies are all healthy options!

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