Vegetarian Meal Options on BC Ferries

Quinoa Salad on BC Ferries

( It's been a while since I took BC Ferries to the Island. As a hospital manager for a pharma company in my previous jobs, I used to travel to the Island 6 to 8 times a year. Two weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference in Victoria. I was excited to make that trip; after all, it had almost been 9 years since I had hopped on a ferry!

White Spot's Vegetarian Menu

Getting on the 5 p.m. sailing, everyone was lining up at White Spot to get their dinner. There was really not much I could order on the hot menu! The only thing I could have was the veggie burger. So, I ordered it without asking what it was really made of. Three hours later, I felt hungry. I then realized that the veggie burger patty wasn't protein based. An unbalanced meal with too much carbs and too little protein will generally cause that feeling three to four hours after a meal. 

An email to White Spot confirmed that. The veggie burger patty is made mostly of grains and carbs – brown rice, oats, bulgur wheat – and some cheese.

Bread Garden Go

Determined not to get trapped in a long line-up again, I wandered around on board on my way back from Victoria. I was delighted to find Bread Garden Go, a small cafe around the corner on another level, where a box of quinoa vegetable salad in the fridge caught my eye! Chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and protein-rich quinoa was exactly what I needed to fuel my day. I couldn't even eat half of the box and I was full already. Talk about satiety fueled by protein!

5 Grab & Go Meatless Protein To Bring Aboard (Or Buy On Board)

If you want to ensure you get some protein on board, you can always bring the following with you.

  • Greek yogurt: 17 g of protein per 6-oz serving
  • Milk or soy milk: 8 g protein per 250 mL carton
  • Almonds: 6 g protein per oz
  • Regular yogurt: about 6 g protein per 6-oz serving
  • Tofu dessert: These pre-packaged, flavored desserts like almond tofu provides 5 g of protein per 150 g serving

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